Book Review Policy

We do book reviews now!

Please read the instructions carefully. Failure to follow them will result in your submission being ignored with no acknowledgement. 

Submitting a Book for Review

 1) Available as an eBook from

2) Short stories, novellas, and full-length novels are all acceptable.

3) Any genre of fiction is acceptable. Non-fiction is also acceptable if it is on a subject of general interest to us.

4) Book submissions must come from the author, publisher, or other valid representative. From time to time, we may decide to purchase and review a book that wasn’t submitted.

5) The book must be “indie published.” Our definition of indie is very broad. Self published and small presses are in. The Big 6, their many imprints, and the largest of the non-Big 6 publishers (Harlequin, for example) are out. However, if your book was previously published by one of those publishers and you’re now re-publishing it as an indie, you’re back in.

6) Submission is no guarantee of a review, unless it is a Featured Book Review. The reality is that the majority of books submitted that are not featured won’t be reviewed.

7) Submit review requests to vsgrenier at gmail dot com

How do I submit a book?

Simple. Send us a query about your book with the following information: 

1) Title of Book

2) Genre of Book

3) Book Blurb

4) Author Bio

5) GoodReads or Amazon link

6) Note if book is on Kindle Unlimted - we will use our credit to purchase the book, otherwise, you'll need to gift us the book.

7) Note if you are requesting a free book review or a Featured Book Review.

What is the process after a book has been submitted?

1) You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of the submission.

2) The book (if not a featured review) will be available for a reviewer to select and read for a review for six months. After six months the book will be dropped from the list.

3) If your book is a featured review, the review will be posted within three months and a notice with link will be sent via email.

4) We reserve the right to modify this process at any time.

What do I do if my book is in the queue for review consideration and I fix, change, or re-edit it?

We will put forth our best effort to use the latest version in our review. However, mistakes do happen and once a reviewer has begun reading a book, it will be too late to use an updated version.

If your change is just cover art, there is no need to send us an update. We use the current cover art from at the time the review is scheduled.

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