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Savneet Singh, author of One Nonprofit’s Journey to Success

Author Bio:
Savneet Singh:Savneet Singh, discovered the world of freelance writing ten years back and she is currently exploring the endless possibilities associated with it. She is a learning technology specialist/ Gamification consultant but enjoys writing non-fiction. She had the pleasure to work on several projects. She holds a Master of Science in Education from California State University and a M.Sc in Ecology and Environment from IIEE. She has a strong inclination for spirituality, and practices meditation and yoga every morning during the sunrise.

Title: One Nonprofit’s Journey to Success
Author: Savneet Singh 
ISBN: ISBN-10: 0692398953

Page count: 106
Genre: Biography General
Price: Full color-$23.99, Black and white-$9.99, Kindle-$3.99

Tell us about your book:One Nonprofit’s Journey to Success, written by Savneet Singh, is an inspiring story of the New Heights Educational Group, a nonprofit, and its founder/director Ms. Pamela Clark. The book chronicles a woman’s amazing journey who stepped out of her home to help families unhappy and disappointed with the traditional school system. The bullying incidents and lack of IEP assistance at local and charter schools made her sons feel uncomfortable and unsafe. So, she decided to home-school them and to fight for the families looking for an alternative way to educate their children. Despite all the roadblocks, she kept moving forward and devoted her life to helping parents in a unique way by establishing nonprofit. Ms. Clark’s humility and good work ethic shine through New Heights Educational Group today. She gives ample credit to current and former volunteers for the success of the organization and all the awards and recognition it has achieved over the past nine years. The book also details the wide range of educational services offered by New Heights Educational Group and wonderful tips to manage a nonprofit organization.

How long did it take to write the book?
Almost an year.

What inspired you to write the book?
Ms. Pamela Clark’s life and the cause she cares about.

Talk about the writing process. Did you have a writing routine? Did you do any research, and if so, what did that involve?
I started gathering facts and information about the New Heights and talked to Ms. Clark over the phone several times  to know more about the organization. I also gathered pictures and other facts related to her life. After that I actually started writing the book.

What do you hope your readers come away with after reading your book?
Ms. Clark has accomplished something that was not easy for a beginner, middle class mother of two to achieve.This book will make people believe that there’s a natural power dynamic that comes along with personal experience and willingness to serve others.Parent, nonprofit stakeholders or just someone who wants to learn more about educational services and opportunities- everyone will find this book helpful. Many readers will find Ms. Clark's good work, perseverance and Christian faith inspirational.

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Excerpt from book:
How This Book Came to Be
One Nonprofit’s Journey to Success: New Heights Educational Group, Inc. has been a very special project to me. I am deeply grateful to Ms. Pamela Clark, founder and director of New Heights Educational Group (NHEG), who has inspired me as a person, a mother and a woman. After talking to her for the first time in 2013, I found myself captivated by her life, mission and values of NHEG. For the past year and half, I spoke to her over the phone for hours and exchanged long emails on a regular basis. This convinced me more than ever that people should know about NHEG and Ms. Clark’s efforts.
New Heights Educational Group is a nonprofit organization that maintains its commitment to the cause it cares about with ingenuity, passion and dedication. NHEG aims to build community resources and support for the families by providing access to educational opportunities, enrichment programs and special services. NHEG strives to equip youth with skills they need to excel in academics and meet the competing demands of work and personal life.
Ms. Clark’s innovative work, focus on relationships, and commitment to both work and family, will inspire people from all walks of life. The chapters here have been brought together with the approval of Ms. Clark. This book presents the life of Ms. Clark and her earnest efforts to establish New Heights Educational Group as it exists today and her widespread influence on the lives of people in Ohio. For a decade, she has inspired and helped hundreds of families and children. Ms. Clark's story shows how the power of one person can make change happen. This book will make people believe that there’s a natural power dynamic that comes along with personal experience and willingness to serve others.
I hope this book will bring a new perspective to the way education and schools are seen by parents. The programs run by NHEG may also appeal to other nonprofit organizations that are looking to expand their educational services. I trust that readers will be motivated by Ms. Clark's life and her efforts to build an organization that reflects her values and beliefs. In her lifelong endeavors of personal and organizational development, Ms. Clark has learned a multitude of valuable lessons—many of which you will find in this book. I hope this book contributes to the nonprofit sector working to help families educate their children, and I welcome your suggestions on how NHEG may support more families as a nonprofit organization.
-Savneet Singh

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