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Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo, author of Season of Emotions

Author Bio:
Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo was the eldest among 3 children born to Elisa E. Castillo and the late Roberto N. Castillo from the tropical paradise, Philippines in Asia. A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, major in Management at the Philippine School of Business Administration, Philippines and another course in Computer Programming at Systems Technology Institute, Philippines.

Her poems were first published in Blue Collar Magazine by the Don Bosco Technical Institute during the 1990s. By the year 2005, at a local community newspaper Antipolo Star, she was given an opportunity to exhibit her writing ability as a news reporter and was also hired as a Feature Writer at the former Meralco Management and Leadership Development Center (MMLDC), now First Pacific Leadership Academy’s (FLPA) quarterly corporate magazine.

The first international anthology where her dark poetry was featured was in The Art of Darkness by Steven Michael Pape published by Blurb, UK last 2011. After which, one international anthology after another anthology came pouring in giving her more opportunities to share her creativity to her readers.

First International Poetry book "Seasons of Emotions" published January 7, 2013, Destiny to Write Publications, UK

List of International Anthologies Her Poems Were Featured In:

1. SOS Sahel by Plum Tree Books - Amazon, UK
2. World Trade 9/11 Tribute by Barry Mowles -Destiny To Write Publications - Lulu UK
3. I Want My Poetry Volume 1 by Inner Child - Amazon USA
4. Hiding In The Shadows by Barry Mowles - Destiny To Write Publications - Lulu UK
5. Hot Summer Nights by Inner Child - Inner Child Press USA
6. Amazed By Gentle Winds by Frances Ayers - Booktrix USA
7. Little Petals In The Wind by Frances Ayers - Booktrix USA
8. Breaking Silence by James Robert Myers - Amazon Africa
9. The Sun Shines So Brightly by Frances Ayers - Booktrix USA
10. The Art of Darkness by Steven Michael Pape - Blurb UK
11. Live Life: The Daydreamer's Journal by Sir Ricky McGentleman – Amazon USA (Guiness Book of World Record Holder For Most Artists Contributing To An Anthology)
12. Christmas 2012 by Barry Mowles - Destiny to Write Publications– Lulu UK
13. Healing Through Words - Inner Child Press USA
14. I Want My Poetry Volume 2 - Inner Child Press USA
15. Best of 2012 by Barry Mowles - Destiny To Write Publications - Lulu UK
16. In Praise, In Memory, In Ink by Brian Wrixon – Blurb Canada
17. Winter Songs and Holiday Expressions by Frances Ayers - Bookrix USA
18. Angels Cried by Stephen Wilson - Amazon/Barnes and Noble/Smashwords USA
19. Acerbic Anthology by Muse For Women- Createspace/Amazon, Africa
20. Valentines Day 2013 by Inner Child- Inner Child Press, USA
21. Battered Shadows - CreateSpace, USA
22. Circle of Poetry- Under The Dreaming Tree- Amazon, USA
23. In Our Own Words by Brian Wrixon- Blurb Canada
24. All The Lonely People – Plum Tree Books, UK

Articles and poems have appeared in international online magazines.

Contributing Editor, Inner Child the Magazine, USA (All About The Love section)

Columnist, Winning Strategies Magazine, USA (Winning Relationship column)

Another upcoming book of mine 2013, “Inner Reflections of the Muse”a collection of prose, stories and articles.

My poems were also featured in my own poetry ezine, Poetic Lizzy.

Title: Seasons of Emotions
Author: Elizabeth E. Castillo
ISBN: 9781291277326
Page count: 69 pages
Genre: Poetry
Price: $8.59

Tell us about your book:
My poetry book is a collection of my compositions which will take readers to varying degrees of changing emotions depicting the different seasons of the muses’ life. You will find that the table of contents are divided into the different seasons which have corresponding poetry associated with them including some poetry compositions of my late Dad, to whom my book was dedicated as well as shorter poems and dedications for Emily Dickinson, one of my favorite poets.

How long did it take to write the book?
It took me about a month to organize my collection of poetry to be included in the contents of my book.

What inspired you to write the book?
It was actually a book dedicated to my late Father and was a prize from an international competition I have joined late 2012. The prize being a free book publication paving the way for my first international poetry book “Seasons of Emotions’ to be conceived and this was a dream come true for me.

Talk about the writing process. Did you have a writing routine? Did you do any research, and if so, what did that involve?
Composing poetry is actually just a hobby for me during times I just let my creativity and imagination flow.

What do you hope your readers come away with after reading your book?
I hope to bring to my readers different emotions as experienced by the muse just like changing seasons. My poetry book contains a roller coaster ride of various feelings.

Excerpt from book:

Where can we go to buy your book?
You can purchase copies of my poetry book online at

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L.R.W. Lee, auuthor of the Andy Smithson: Blast of the Dragon's Fury

Author Bio:
I was born in Upstate New York. My family didn’t have a lot of money so my older brother and I were encouraged to use our imaginations to entertain ourselves.  And use them we did – climbing trees and creating tree forts, using a quilt for a matchbox car city, making puppets and putting on shows, and much more. 

I went to college and got a degree in Accounting.  However, most folks frown on “creative accounting”, so I put my imagination on hold.  My business interests eventually led me to founded and grow a successful company which, with my partner, I sold in January 2012, leaving me time to imagine and write for the first time.

I live in scenic Austin, TX with my husband, my daughter who is a Longhorn at UT Austin  and my son who is in high school. The Sound of Music is my favorite musical. I hate scary movies. But, I love piano and strings music, sunsets in Hawaii and a good cup of decaf, French press coffee (yes, decaf!). I also love Ansel Adams prints, as well as all manner of kinetic art.

Title: Andy Smithson: Blast of the Dragon’s Fury (Book One)
Author: L. R. W. Lee
ISBN: 1482312646
Page count: 220 pages
Genre: Fantasy adventure
Price: $5.99 eBook; $9.99 paperback

Tell us about your book:
Ten-year-old Andy Smithson is magically brought to the Land of Oomaldee while he is doing dishes one night.  Unbeknowst to him, he is there to break a 500 year old curse.  Andy learns that his quest is the Dragon’s Lair to find an ingredient critical to breaking the curse - the scale from an elusive red dragon, the fiercest of all dragon species. Andy nearly destroys the castle amidst adventures battling fire-breathing dragons, fighting vicious vulture attacks, escaping people-eating giants and more.  I had a lot of fun interjecting humor throughout the book in the form of fart jokes that appeal to middle graders, but also more advanced word play for adult readers.  One example, when Andy is faced with crossing a raging river, he speaks of overcoming the “current” problem.  I love doing word plays like this.  You’ll find these throughout the book, particularly in the prologue.

How long did it take to write the book?
Approximately 9 months

What inspired you to write the book?
I founded and grew a business for 12 years beginning in 2000 and successfully sold it in January 2012.  In 2005, I chose to bring on a partner/mentor to continue to grow it.  He taught me not only business narratives, but also shared his personal philosophies.  He is Korean and therefore has many philosophies that you might call Eastern-based that are refreshingly different from Western-based philosophies I was raised with.  Many of these, including overcoming frustration, impatience and fear among others, significantly changed how I think and act and improved my ability to enjoy life.  It is these life principles that I seek to share through my books.  I hope to help others better enjoy their journey through life.

Talk about the writing process. Did you have a writing routine? Did you do any research, and if so, what did that involve?
I usually start with an hour of exercise.  This gets my creative juices flowing because I think about what I plan to write about that day, organizing my thoughts.  After that, I get a cup of decaf coffee (creates a good mood for me) and I sit down at my computer and begin committing to structured sentences what I have thought through.  I do some research if I’m borrowing something from ancient works like King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable, absolutely!  It depends on what I’m writing about.  My research involves Googling to get my arms around the subject in general terms and then I just read lots of books about it until I’m satisfied I know enough to write with it.
What do you hope your readers come away with after reading your book?
There are many teachable moments sprinkled throughout the book.  I’d say overcoming frustration, fear and impatience are important messages in this book as well as commitment and dedication to a cause because of those you love.  I am passionate about helping others embody new ways of approaching these and similar situations.  As a result, I have included on my website discussion questions for parents to work through with their kids.

Excerpt from book:
Sitting on his bed with the afternoon sun shining through the window, Andy tried to slow down his racing thoughts.  It was all so overwhelming.  It had been fun to think of himself as Chosen when that just meant he felt special.  Now, however, he wasn’t sure.  It sounded like a whole lot more than just retrieving a red dragon scale was about to happen.  The weight of it all pressed hard.  He was scared.  He felt alone.  For the first time since he had arrived in Oomaldee, he missed his home, his parents and (he couldn’t believe he was thinking this, but… yes…) even his big sister!  He punched his pillow hard once, and then again and again and again.  He stopped only when feathers began flying everywhere.
Why me?  he thought.  There’s no way I can do to this! 
“You’re right, Andy!  You can’t do this on your own. ” It was his inneru.  “You need help.”
As his inneru said this, a second amethyst-colored stone landed on his bed, barely missing his head.
“Hey, watch it!  You almost hit me in the head!” Andy said.  As soon as he had said it, he felt stupid for yelling at no one.  Where do these things keep coming from?  he wondered.  As before, he picked it up and it started pulsing. Then he heard a trumpet blast.
“Methuselah has appeared to you, Andrew Ferrin Smithson.  It is the sword of your forefathers.   You will become known by it.  It is time that evil is extinguished from the land.  This will be accomplished by your hand.”
“My forefathers? What do you mean?” Andy interrupted.  The message paused.
“Your ancestors are from the Land of Oomaldee.”
Really?  Andy thought.
“It is not I who gives Methuselah, but One far greater.  It is given and taken as the times require,” the message continued.  “You have been appointed to wield it for such a time as this.”
But I’ll screw this up. I know I will, just like I did when I almost tore the castle down. Whatever kind of evil this message is talking about sounds really bad.  There’s no way I can do this, even with this sword, Andy whined.
“Stop!” Andy’s inneru interrupted. 
Andy sat up, startled.
The message continued, “Take courage.  You do not yet see your own abilities because you have never been tested.  You have never demonstrated to yourself or anyone all that you can do.  Put your fears aside and trust that you can succeed in the challenges that lie ahead.”  The message completed and the sphere disappeared, once again, giving no indication who had sent it.
“This is not about you,” reminded the inneru. 
I know…  thought Andy.  It’s about all the people in the Land of Oomaldee.  It is about the King, Mermin, Alden, Marta, Hans and everyone I’ve come to love here.
“You don’t usually think about others first,” continued his inneru.
          Maybe this is my chance to change that, Andy thought.

Where can we go to buy your book?
Both the eBook as well as the paperback are available at or you can get the paperback and other gear, like T-shirts, at my website at  While you’re there, be sure to check out the Read, Review, Refer reward program where you can get a free copy of the next book.

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Authors love to hear what you think of their work.  It’s a vulnerable business inventing something and then putting it out there for the world to critique.  Please tell me what you think by posting a review at, even if you don’t buy the book there.

Also, I’ve started the second book in the series, Andy Smithson: Venom of the Serpent’s Cunning that I hope to have out winter 2013.