Monday, November 18, 2013

S.M. Bjarnson, author of Tangled Tears

Author Bio: I began my writing journey at a very young age. Creating the foundations of Tangled Tears in my youth. There began to grow a great desire for the author title. I searched many different venues in making this goal complete. After much deliberation, I delved myself into the self publishing world. Which brought my debut novel into print in January of 2013. Proclaiming myself a dream catcher. With much imaginative power I continue to perfect the written word, with two more Young Adult novels due out this year.

When my pen isn't scribbling down adolescent heart throb, I dabble in paper making and wood crafts. I am married to my wonderful teenage crush K.B. we live in Idaho with our newborn son.

Title: Tangled Tears
Author: S.M. Bjarnson
ISBN: ISBN-13: 9781480165533
Page Count: 126
Genre: Young Adult
Price: $14.95

Summary: Autumn Jazmine (AJ) wakes up every morning wishing she didn't; secretly coveting she was the one who died on those rocks, not her sister. Guilty and accountable of her own father’s regrets, began to embed onto her own accountability. Even a year after the incident, AJ still carries around the hurt of yesterdays sorrow. As she tries to survive this unmanageable loss, while avoiding her aging father’s disappointing glares, she turns her attention to a uncontrollable high-status boy, Jenks, who seems to gravitate toward her no matter what she says or does. Who is Jenkins if truth be told? Why has he taken a sudden liking to this reserved mediocre gal? What does he have to do with the death of her sister and her lovely betrothed, Chatt? When harmless fun turns fatal after a cliff jumping experience it becomes more than just broken bones and lost words. AJ struggles with self-esteem and above everything else self-loathing; turning her world from the obstructing parallel to a negative harmony. When tragedy strikes, AJ has but only two choices as we all do in situations that arise: squander in the misery or enlighten and forgive, and live on.

My book took several years for the real idea to set in. In actually getting it down on paper (the computer) it was only a couple months to put it altogether. 

The inspiration from Tangled Tears came from a some key events in my own personal life. I wrote this book involving such circumstances as a kind of wondering what would happen if this occurred? It eventually evolved into answering a tough love question.

My writing routine is quite bizarre if not erratic. I don't have a solid schedule set in stone, I prefer that when I am hit with a massive heavy flow of inspiration that I just go with it and write hours. 

I hope that readers take away from the story that hope is there. That life gets rough and life gets tough and honestly you will survive. I wrote my book to assist and spark a desire to find true love and believe that it can be real. I want to leave them with everlasting hope.

Excerpt: Silence captivates the air around me, echoing the chilling emptiness. I am alone I know this, but still I try to convince myself it is fabricated. I wait for her laughter to break into my hearing range. I wait for her to come over and tell me about her romantic date with Chatt. She doesn't seem to come up the stairs and I end up hearing nothing. 

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