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C. Michelle Jefferies, author of Emergence

Author Bio:
C. Michelle Jefferies practically grew up in a library. She spent her early years learning to love reading at her mother’s side. When Michelle was ten she realized she wanted to write stories instead of just reading them. In high school, she met another writer who inspired her to write a full-length novel instead of just short stories. Michelle finished that 189 page handwritten novel the summer of her junior year.

After graduating from high school she married her best friend and started a family. She put her writing on the back burner during those early years to raise her seven children and to volunteer in the community as a lactation counselor. When her children were old enough for her to spend a few hours at the computer without them burning the house down she returned to writing and hasn't stopped since. She can often be found writing or editing with a child in her arms or under her feet. With a passion for secret agents and all things Asian, she writes futuristic thrillers and urban fantasies about bad boys turned good. She also enjoys beating herself up in Karate class as she works toward her black belt in Tang Soo Do.

Author: C. Michelle Jefferies
ISBN: 978-1-59992-872-2
Page count: 312
Genre: Futuristic Suspense
Price: 17.99

Tell us about your book:
Assassin Antony Danic has never killed an innocent man. At least the corporation he works for has never given him a reason to think otherwise until now. Reeling from a series of demanding assignments, Antony is desperate for some downtime. As he sits on a beach in Tahiti watching his wife play in the ocean, a messenger from his employer delivers a death threat. Suddenly, the hunter has become the hunted. While Antony struggles to find a way out of his till death do us part contract, he's faced with the decision of a lifetime: kill another man who may be innocent, or do what's right even if it puts his family in jeopardy.

How long did it take to write the book?
Emergence took four months to write, at least two months to plot out before that, and about a year to revise and edit.

What inspired you to write the book?
I'd written a book with no plot and it was rejected over and over. One of those rejections an amazing intern named Jodi Meadows took the time to spell out what was wrong with the book. I took that rejection and wrote a completely new book to "prequel" the other book. I have since learned about plot and have rewritten that book too.

I wanted to explore the anti hero, what it takes to turn a bad boy into the good guy. Emergence is what happened with that exploration.  

Talk about the writing process. Did you have a writing routine? Did you do any research, and if so, what did that involve?
I try to write and/or revise/edit for a few hours a day. I'm pretty single minded so I am usually either in draft mode or revise mode at one time. I have a great system that I've developed that if I do the preparation, I can draft a book in about thirty days, and I can revise a book in about two months. That depends on the book though too. Some books take a longer time some shorter. I love to "freewrite" where i sit and just compose out of my head. However, total freewriting and I end up with a "no plot book". So I use Story Structure by Larry Brooks. ( That structure system gives me the recipe for a great book and then I go from there.  

As for research, Emergence is based in Australia. I've never been there so I had to do a lot of research. I took every virtual tour I could and studied the city Canberra on Google Earth for hours. I emailed Australian friends and learned about customs and food and other things. Ive had a few Australian people read the book and they say it's accurate so I guess I did my homework.  

What do you hope your readers come away with after reading your book?
That it's possible to change your life around and make different decisions. That once you make a bad decision you don't have to stay on that path. 

Excerpt from book:
Antony Danic let the slide of his Glock .357 slam home. The sound echoed against the sterile surfaces of the industrial kitchen where he waited. Rows of stainless-steel appliances and stark white counters filled the room that was half the size of his whole apartment. Elite would love this kitchen. A machine-like calm settled over his body as his thoughts turned from his wife to the hit.
“HQ, this is Viper,” he said as he double-checked the blade strapped to his calf and adjusted his blue-lensed Lanzen sunglasses.
“Viper acknowledged,” a female Corporate operator said over his silver and red earpiece.
“Viper in recon position.”
“Roger that, Viper. Radio silence commenced.”
The earpiece went silent. There would be no more contact until he initiated it.
Mr. Bennett held to a strict schedule when he was in town. He would arrive at exactly eleven to do a final walk-through of his restaurant before locking up for the night. Somehow, after chasing the man for three weeks, through the United States and the Middle East, Antony was now less than twenty minutes from home.
“Thank you,” a voice echoed through the kitchen, coming from the direction of the dining room. “I’ll talk to you later.”
A phone snapped shut and Antony heard heels clicking on the tile floor. He slid his finger from the side of his Glock to the trigger well. A wide man entered the kitchen, checking the small refrigerator by the door and wiping his finger on the counter.
Meticulous and well-fed, Antony thought as he stepped from the shadows, training his pistol on the man. Pretty oblivious, too. They now stood a mere ten feet from each other.
Antony cleared his throat—he refused to shoot a man in the back—and pulled the trigger.

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